March 20th, 2011 – The band of elevated dose rates up to 18 mi from plant to the northwest seems to coincide with “Lube Oil Fire” in Reactor 4 SFP

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From: Jackson, Donald
Sent: Sunday, March 20, 2011 8:40 PM
To: Dean, Bill; Lew, David; Wilson, Peter; Roberts, Darrell; Collins, Daniel; Lorson, Raymond; Baker, Pamela; Walker, Tracy; Clifford, James; Miller, Chris; Weerakkody, Sunil
Cc: Screnci, Diane; Sheehan, Neil; Trapp, James; McNamara, Nancy; Tifft, Doug; Hansell, Samuel; Hinson, Felicia; McKinley, Raymond; Rogge, John; Jackson, Donald; Cook, William
Subject: March 20, 2011- 2000- CA Briefing On Japan Reactor Accidents

The following is a synopsis of the briefing with changes or noteworthy items underlined:

Status of Fukushima Daiichi Units:

Unit 1 – No Significant Change

Unit 2 – TEPCO has offsite power to an aux transformer- Working to restore control room envelope and ventilation, and switchgear/pumps/etc

Primary Containment intact as RCS is at a positive pressure

Unit 3- No Significant Change – External seawater spray applied most of day

Unit 4- No Significant Change – Water sprayed on SFP up to 4 times today, now this is TEPCO hiqhest priority

Other Issues-

Unit 5 and Unit 6- Both have AC Power

Unit 5 and Unit 6 SFPs Being Positively Cooled

Bechtel spray system still in Perth, Australia to leave at 11 pm EDT. Sinqle train to still be shipped to Japan today with 2 techs, unsure if TEPCO will use it.

The band of elevated dose rates up to 18 mi from plant to the northwest seems to coincide with the only time wind was blowing in that direction being when the “lube oil fire” occurred on Unit 4 when we thought a H2 detonation and SFP fire occurred.

In country team is reported to be frustrated with the lack of information and cooperation that they are receiving 1-131 reported in milk, spinach, and tap water near Tokyo, team is trying to confirm NRC priority is still to continue dose assessment with the minimal. information, and get our own information for confirmation.

More at  0730 Monday from the NEW RDO. ….Mr. John Rogge..
Detailed info in attachment!
Chief- Region I DRP PB5
‘610) 337-5306

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