TEPCO Releases new video on-site at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

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Reports from the Field ◆ Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station ◆

The video footage is 3 minutes and 40 seconds long and consists of various clips taken between late June and mid-September.

Footage shot at the No. 1 reactor showed work to cover the reactor building to reduce the release of radioactive substances. A panel of 20 square meters was being lifted with a crane. TEPCO says 8 of the 18 panels needed to cover the entire building had been installed as of Tuesday.

Footage taken at the No. 3 reactor showed workers manually adjusting the volume of water to be injected in order to cool the reactor. Earlier this month, TEPCO began boosting water injection to lower the temperature of the reactor to below 100 degrees Celsius.

The video also showed workers learning how to use dosimeters and how to put on full face masks at a training session.

The company said it is becoming more important to train workers as operations to bring the plant under control proceed. It added that it hopes the images will convey the atmosphere at the site.

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