City assembly members carried out emergency decontamination measures at about 10 locations in Chiba, call for better monitoring after finding over 25% of locations checked over limit

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MATSUDO, Chiba — City assembly members checking local radiation levels have revealed they discovered a hotspot emitting 7.0 microsieverts per hour near a greenhouse here.

The city has double-checked locations which were initially monitored only by residents, and carried out emergency decontamination measures at about 10 locations.



“We were surprised to find extremely high radiation levels at places which were considered relatively safe. More detailed radiation checks are necessary,” the JCP group stated.

The group said it had only monitored radiation levels at a maximum of 25 points per location from Sept. 7 through Oct. 17.  After the many citizen-reported hot-spots, officials decided to expand testing to locations monitored ONLY by the residents, and 10 of the locations required immediate emergency actions.


The assembly members from the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) added, however, that they will not reveal the exact location of the 7.0 microsievert hotspot or how the city has dealt with it for fear of harmful rumors.

The group furthermore said on Oct. 20 that they recorded hourly radiation levels of more than 1 microsievert at 37 out of 144 locations they checked, including parks, private houses and day-care centers.

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