Environmental associations detect high radiation in Tokyo’s Katsushika Ward up to 5.47 mSv/hr and up to 6.7 mSv/hr in Edogawa ward

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Two environmental associations in Tokyo’s Katsushika Ward met the ward’s mayor, Katsunori Aoki, on Oct. 18, seeking radiation tests and decontamination measures after they detected radiation of up to 5.47 microsieverts per hour in the ward.

The Katsushika Aozora no Kai, an association that has tackled the issue of atmospheric pollution in Katsushika Ward, and the Katsushika branch of the Tokyo Kogai Kanja to Kazoku no Kai, which represents victims of pollution and their families, made the request after conducting their own radiation tests at 314 locations starting in July.

Both associations took their measurements below gutters, where it is easy for radioactive materials to collect, using simple radiation measurement devices. At 65 locations, they found the radiation level one to two centimeters above the ground was 1 microsievert per hour or greater, and at least 5 microsieverts per hour in two of those locations.

“This is a level that has not been detected before so we’re surprised,” a ward official commented. “We can’t enter private land, but we want to conduct measurements on public land in the vicinity.”

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