Japanese Cars in Hokkaido to be exported to Russia exceed 5 uSv/hr radiation limits

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Otaru in Hokkaido announced that radiation levels more than the report standards were confirmed from a used car being exported to the Russian port of Korsakov from the port of Otaru.

According to the announcement, the company was preparing to put the car in the boat, “the radiation dose exceeds the reference value” and contact the city. Association was determined to ask the Japanese cargo tally by the city and near the wiper from one used car, the radiation dose was found highest on the windshield wiper, reading 7.55 micro sievert.

According to the city, it is said that another supplier in Otaru-shi made a bid for this car at auction in this month.

The city requests this supplier to take over the car after having reported it to the ministry.

The supplier canceled the export of these used cars

Source: www.yomiuri.co.jp, via YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)ニュースランキング
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