Mainstream Media loudly approves ‘Cool-headed’ Czechs, Areva and others bet on nuclear power for their future

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Czechs bet on nuclear power for their future (RT @Dogmanblue: Czechs bet on nuclear power for their future.)…

“Of course renewable sources are equally expensive but their costs are falling,” said Vojtech Kotecky of the Duha (Rainbow) movement. “The government should try to boost the sector, not stifle it,” he added.

Three groups, led by France’s Areva, Russia’s Atomstroiexport and the US giant Westinghouse are bidding for a deal to build the two new units at Temelin, about 120 kilometres (75 miles) south of Prague.

Estimated to cost 20 billion euros, the contract also includes an option to build a reactor at Dukovany and two others at the Jaslovske Bohunice nuclear plant in neighbouring Slovakia.

“Six months after the terrible Fukushima disaster in Japan, our neighbours have learned no lessons,” Austrian Environment Minister Nikolaus Berlakovich said recently.



But the Czech government’s nuclear safety authority (SUJB) insists the accusation is unfounded.

The safety level of Czech nuclear plants is “at least comparable to that at other European plants,” he added.


Source:, via Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear News
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