Masashi Goto – Nuclear Reactor Designer teams up with ex-Hitachi Engineer Tanaka – PCV/RPV pipes broke after EQ not IC shutdown

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Masashi Goto, a retired Toshiba nuclear reactor designer, realised on the day after the earthquake that the Fukushima Daiichi reactors were on the verge of explosions and that the Government was lying about it. He started to speak to the public on the true danger of the crisis and the possibility that the reactor sustained direct damage from the earthquake (and not from the tsunami that followed).

He says the way the crisis was handled in the first hours does not make sense and Tepco has no intention of truly explain what really happened at Fukushima Daiichi. For example, Tepco blames Isolation Condenser (IC) shutdown for the early meltdown of the Reactor 1, but there is no explanation of why it was shut down and why the other IC was not utilised.

He and M. Tanaka, an ex-Hitachi engineer, researched on how the ICs worked on March 11 and claim that the pipes connecting to the PCV/RPV broke due to the earthquake that led to the LOCA. The Government’s investigation team also questioned the IC shutdown and requested Tepco for their severe accident operation manual. Tepco submitted a copy of the manual where most of the content was blacked out. Masashi Goto says no one in the investigation team is familiar with the RPV/PCV and that it is not possible to conduct any in-depth investigation on the condition of the reactors.

The delay in venting is blamed for causing the hydrogen explosion, but he thinks that the hydrogen gas had been leaking through a flange seal of the
PCV resulting in the explosion. Besides, he says, venting let the nitrogen out of the PCV, increasing the possibility of hydrogen explosion inside the
PCV. So venting is not a solution in such cases.

Masashi Goto says that the current situation cannot be called “stabilised” as long as tons of the contaminated water under the reactor buildings is leaking into to the underground water and into the ocean.

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