SDLP leader demands: Sellafield must close as it poses a threat to everyone living in Ireland

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Sellafield nuclear processing plant must be shut down now to prevent a future Chernobyl-style disaster, one of the joint leaders of the Northern Ireland Executive demanded today…

During a visit to the Greenpeace ship which docked near the city’s Odyssey arena, the Deputy First Minister of the Stormont power-sharing government said: “The SDLP believes that it is high time that the British Government shut Sellafield down and for good.
“Sellafield poses a threat to everybody living in Ireland – north and south.
“If there was an accident at the plant the whole of our island would be contaminated – damaging livelihoods and destroying lives.
“We have seen the devastation that the nuclear accident at Chernobyl caused. Even today young children are suffering terribly because of that disaster 18 years ago.”

The Foyle MLA insisted: “To protect ourselves and future generations Sellafield must close down. “But far from closing Sellafield down, the British Government is massively expanding its operations. Ships laden with nuclear waste are coming from the four corners of the Earth to its new MOX nuclear reprocessing plant.
“It is just not on to have the world’s most hazardous waste being shipped right onto Ireland’s doorstep.
“As a long standing member of Greenpeace, I am calling on the British Government to shut Sellafield now.”

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