TEPCO found to be still fudging tracking Fukushima Daiichi Worker Radiation Exposure Levels

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It has been found that two rest stations, because they are located outside of the plant premises close to the western entrance gate, are not included in the radiation management area, while the radiation there is about 2 ~ 16 μSv/h.  TEPCO admittedly has not set up the rest areas and monitored appropriately.

These rest areas were not reported because they were off the site, less than 2 km from the reactors.  It is required by law to include into the management area all the areas where an accumulated dose of 1.3 mSv is exceeded in 3 months.


TEPCO has shown no indications of changing their procedures for protecting workers, or being more honest in handling the monitoring of radioactive releases.

  • As of October no worker limits for Alpha or Beta Radiation had been established
  • Workers STILL don’t have personal dosimeters
  • On-site and Off-site monitoring is absent from areas not known to be already contaminated
  • There  no radiation map of the entirety of the work-site. Only of the immediate areas around the reactors and plant itself
  • The areas are not checked by a health physicist, radiation safety engineer or generally anyone with a counter prior to being designated “rest stations”


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