April 01, 2011 – FYI on Unit 4 SFP new video footage

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TEPCO releases new footage of Number 4 reactor

Tokyo Electric Power Company has released new video footage of the Number 4 reactor building at its damaged Fukushima complex.

The utility firm shot the video using a camera installed on the tip of the long arm of a special construction vehicle.

Osaka University Professor Akira Yamaguchi, an expert on nuclear reactors, analyzed the video. He says that a green device [refueling bridge/crane] used to replace nuclear fuel rods stayed in place without falling into a spent-fuel storage pool, in spite of an apparent hydrogen explosion inside the reactor building.

He also says that vapor from the storage pool reduces as the special vehicle pours water onto it, which contributes to cooling the water in the pool.

Yamaguchi says the top of the reactor building suffered substantial damage, but the structure below the storage pool was hardly affected, as it was more strongly constructed.

He stresses the need to restore the power supply as early as possible to restore the pool’s cooling function.

He says at least 90 tons [roughly 25k gallon] of water a day need to be pumped in to cool the stored fuel rods. The pool in Number 4 reactor building holds over 1,300 spent
rods, more than those kept in other units.

He warns that the fuel held there generates just as much heat as is produced by Numbers 2 and 3 reactors.

Yamaguchi says it is essential to keep the temperature low at the storage pool to prevent the fuel rods from being exposed and destroyed.

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