April 1st, 2011 – NRC Near-term Division Activities and Farewell Theodore R. Quay

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Sent: Friday, April 01, 011 9:30 AM
To: Jones(NRR), Latoya; Voth, Marcus; Astwood, Heather; Adams, John; Blount, Tom; Eads, Johnny; Fredrichs, Thomas; Helton, Shana; Jolicoeur, John; Quay, Theodore; Regan, Christopher; Rosenberg, Stacey; Valentine, Nicholee
Cc: Ross, Robin
Subject: Near-term Division Activities and Farewell Theodore R. Quay
Importance: High

I am in the Ops Center next week, Sunday through Thursday on day-shift. I plan on stopping by the Office on those days between 3:30 and 4, if folks in the Division need to see me or meet with me about anything. There are a few rulemaking and Decommissioning funding briefings on the calendar that I will not make next week, as a result.

Tom Blount will be the primary SES manager for the Division next week. I am accessible in the Operations Center, and I should be able to keep up with my emails. I am going to try and take a CWS day next Friday (4/8), if possible, so please try not to schedule me for anything.

DPR Management Team – Thanks for your patience and forebearance as we (NRC) works through the current circumstances. I received numerous comments from both Managers and staff this week, ranging from “nice to see you, finally” to “frustration” regarding my accessibility. Completely understandable.

All I can ask is that the Division continue to perform, and you continue to Lead, as you have been. At this weeks ET meetings, I had to almost apologize because of the length of my report out on routine accomplishments of you and your staff just in the last week alone. Meanwhile, you perform even though the entire background has so many challenges and relative unknowns: The events in Japan in terms of incident response; the near-term and longer-term reviewsand NRC actions as a result of the events in Japan, and the impacts those events will have on the industry we regulate; the continuing resolution (near term); the FY 2013 budget (longer term); the retirement of Ted and the pending transfer of Tom (you can bet that I will be staying right where I am at for continuity for the forseeable future); …. I could go on and on.

So thank you. Keep it up. Don’t wait for my availability, or if Tom is in LT meetings. Make the best informed decision and choice that you can, and keep the projects moving forward.

As Ted said earlier today … out of such times are opportunities, for improvement and growth.

Oh, one final note:
Ted – Congratulations on your Public Service, and on what will apparently be an action packed transition into your Golden Years. Your are in good hands with your family, that is abundantly evident to me. Ted, I have to both agree and disagree with you, one final time. Yesterday at your Retirement Reception, you said that we (NRC, NRR, DPR) will continue on, and that you will not be missed.

We will continue on.
You will be missed.

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