April 2011 – Fukushima Reactor 3 – Questions about RPV/Containment

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While reviewing the latest released data that TEPCO released, I’ve been facing new questions that are being generated about the status of the RPV and containment and wanted to share them.

One period that at a closer look appears to still be unexplained is the temperatures of the RPV and containment of Reactor 3 towards the end of April.

The key areas to look at are the RPV Bellows Air, and the RPV Flange/Stud measurements during the period of April 13th, 2011 and April 29th, 2011.

The RPV bellows air increases and then sharply decreases, and the other sensors focused on the RPV were also affected.

It is possible that there was another path for the exchange of air was created between the RPV and the containment which was previously compromised during the middle of March.  This would potentially allow the radiation from the melted fuel rods to find a direct release into the atmosphere, and yet TEPCO was mysteriously quiet about this event.

I hope this information  will generate more attention on this, and other, still un-addressed situation and produce some much-needed answers




Press Release (Apr 21,2011) Plant Status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (as of 11:00 am, April 21)

Unit 3(Shut down) -Explosive sound and white smoke were confirmed at approximately 11:01am on March 14th.

It was assumed to be hydrogen explosion.

-From 6:02 pm on March 25th, we started injecting fresh water to the reactor and are now injecting fresh water by a motor driven pump powered by the off-site transmission line.

Source: TEPCO Press Release April 21st, 2011

Link: Complete TEPCO PDF

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