Diablo Canyon Nuclear in Light of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

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Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Spent/Used Fuel Storage

Used Fuel Storage

Approximately 2,600 used fuel assemblies are stored on site

Spent Fuel Pool

•Reinforced concrete structure
•Stainless steel plate liner
•Minimum of 23 ft of borated water over used fuel assemblies
•Emergency replacement water capability; including reservoir and water tanks
•Pool floor elevation approximately 15 ft below grade
•Dry Cask Storage
•Used fuel assemblies are stored in stainless steel Multi-Purpose Canister (MPC)
•MPC/fuel assemblies passively air cooled within a 20 ft tall concrete overpack, concrete overpack is approximately two feet thick

Fukushima Daiichi Sequence of Events

•Large earthquake caused automatic reactor shutdown and loss of offsite power
•Emergency diesel generators and other safety systems actuated
•Large tsunami wave (~1 hour later) disabled nearly all plant electrical and safety systems
•Remaining systems provided adequate core cooling for several hours, eventually became exhausted leading to core becoming uncovered and containment over pressurization
•Additionally, spent fuel pools heated up

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