June 2011 – Dose management criteria for high dose/dose rate areas – locked or physically blocked

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Q2: Dose management criteria for high dose/dose rate areas
 Supervised area (6mSv/y) and an exclusion
 area with restricted access (>3mSv/h) Germany, Sweden
 • > 1 mSv (radiation are- ALARA Plan)
 • Pγ (dose rate) > 20 mR/h, Pγ (dose rate) 5 – 20 mR/h
 • Pγ (dose rate) 3 – 5 mR/h (RF)
 • Enter via an Access Control Point where they are briefed on the expected
 radiological conditions. Workers would be provided with EDs with dose
 and dose rate alarm set based upon expected radiological conditions (UK)
 • High Radiation Area: doses > 1 mSv/h. Such areas shall be clearly posted,
 well barried, entry only with a Special Radiological Work Permit,
 mandatory ALARA Pre Job Briefing.
 • Very High Radiation Areas: doses >10 mSv/h. Beyond the above
 administrative controls, those areas are locked or physically blocked, and
 works are allowed under a complete and formal ALARA Plan. (Brasil)


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