June 2011 – Fukushima Nuclear Complex Severe Accident Worker Dose Management

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Monitored for I-131 in Air Samples at NPPs

 Contacted RPMs to request data sharing for charcoal cartridge sampling at North American NPPs
 Interfaced with US EPA real time monitoring program and INPO efforts
 Provided Chernobyl fallout US REMP reports for comparisons to US RPMs
 Provided interviews to local and national press on capability to detect I-131 but very low dose significance.

NATC ISOE Requests for Information from Tokyo ISOE Technical Center

 Received ISOE Bureau request for information on Chernobyl and TMI accident doses
 Provided background on 12 over exposures to TMI 2 workers mostly from handling hot coolant samples: hands
 Provided information on personnel dosimetry capability and limitations
 Provided references to US DOE, NUREG and EPRI reports on TMI 2 clean up ALARA Approaches and Lessons Learned



Editor’s Note: It was found in October that TEPCO had not established Beta or Alpha radiation limits for emergency workers, and were not providing full-disclosure to workers.



Severe Accident Expert Group

 Purpose to define best RP management practices for proper RP job coverage during severe accident initial response and recovery efforts.
 Identify good RP practices
 Organize and communicate RP lessons learned from previous reactor accidents

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