June 2011 – Nuclear Power In Korea

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International conference: “Bulgarian Nuclear Energy – National, Regional and World Energy Safety”

Varna, June 2011



 Nuclear Power of Korea



Dr. Chun Bee-Ho

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea



Honourable Chairman of Bulgarian Atomic Forum Mr. Manchev,

Honourable Chair of Kozloduy NPP Board Ms. Tzenova,

Honourable Chairman of the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency Mr. Tsochev,

Honourable Deputy Director General of IAEA Mr. Bychkov,

Honourable President of the Atlantic club of Bulgaria Mr. Passy,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This conferences is a particularly timely organized event. We know that Bulgaria is in a very dynamic phase of its nuclear development, but also the whole world is putting nuclear issues on the agenda.

Discussions on expert and policy levels that we will have in the panels, will be engaging and very beneficial.

Our experience shows that no technological system is immune from accident. Taking this into account, all nuclear states, including the Republic of Korea, take as their major concern and commitment to enhance the safety of nuclear facilities, so as to prevent any technological failure and sustain unpredictable challenges of nature.

Let me bring to your attention a presentation of the nuclear power of Korea.

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