June 8-10, 2011 – How to tackle wet deposition of radionuclides?

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Enhance PTS capabilities in RN Threshold Monitoringand Source Attribution by appropriate recognition of the wet deposition impact

In the past decade PTS has built up unprecedented capabilitiesin RN monitoring and source location of RN events

  • Built up of the IMS RN networks with unprecedented detection limits for particulate radio-nuclides and radio-xenon
  • Remarkable source location capabilities based on ATM and the data fusion technique proven during CTBTO-WMO exercises, NDC preparedness exercises (NPEs) and DPRK I and II

The Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC)

Established by the World Meteorological Organization WMO in the year 1989

  • undertaken by Deutscher Wetterdienst DWD
  • contributes to the Global Climate Observing System GCOS
  • and the World Climate Research Programme WCRP
  • thousands of users world-wide
  • scientific task: quantitative assessment of global precipitation and investigation of the global water cycle
  • new function proposed: high-quality data source to parametrize the wet deposition factor
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