March 14th, 2011 – George Wilson – NRC – EICB Branch Chief, Division of Engineering

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George Wilson – Chief, I&C Branch (20011)

BS Nuclear/Electrical Engineering

  1. Navy ET/Reactor Operator
  2. TVA I&C Supervisor
  3. STA at Watts Bar
  4. NRC License Examiner
  5. RI/SRI at BWR 4/5 Mark 2s
  6. Electrical Branch Chief 2005-2011
  7. Evaluated Forsmark event in Sweden

I was a Reactor Operator in the NAVY. I also was an instructor at the moored training ship at Charleston and taught students how to operate the plant and actions necessary to be performed during events and transients.

I worked at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant and performed several emergency response drills as a Technical Advisor, which focused on mitigation of the issues associated with the plant, in the Emergency Operating Facilities. I was also a Shift Technical Advisor on shift and have addressed events and causalities both on the plant and in simulator training. Specifically, I focused on the evaluation of normal and alternate methods on how to mitigate problems at the plant.

I was the Resident Inspector at the LaSalle Nuclear Plant and evaluated and participated in emergency drills and scenario’s while there. I also lead inspections as the overall lead evaluator.

I was the Senior Resident Inspector at the Duane Arnold Energy Center and evaluated emergency drills and scenarios while there. I was the overall lead evaluator on several event follow-ups such as the Quad Cities stuck open relief valves. I also participated in the RATTI inspections for DC COOK and Davis Besse.

I helped evaluate the Forsmark event in Sweden for the NRC.

George Wilson
EICB Branch Chief, Division of Engineering
Mail Stop 012H2

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