March 14th, 2011 – Minimize Disruption of Activities – Single points of contact for information requests

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From: j Hiland, Patrick ýYA pL
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 1:18 PM
To: Brown, Frederick; Ruland, William; McGinty, Tim; Skeen, David; Thomas, Eric; Thorp, John;
Giitter, Joseph
Cc: Boger, Bruce
Subject: RE:

Looks good; be sure to include other offices that are working on this effort (e.g. RES has drafted a section on seismic and continue to brainstorm questions). I’m assuming that Eric will act as filter, as best he can, to avoid duplication.

From: Brown, Frederick
Sent: Monday, March 14,2011 1:11 PM
To: Hiland, Patrick; Ruland, William; McGinty, Tim; Skeen, David; Thomas, Eric; Thorp, John; Giitter, Joseph
Cc: Boger, Bruce
Importance: High

Drafted the message below for Eric to send to all NRR staff. Does this look like a reasonable scope?

As you are all aware from the Agency wide e-mails, the NRC Operations Center is being manned 24 hours a day to support monitoring of the situation in Japan. Many of your NRR colleagues are involved with this effort.

Here in NRR, we can look forward in the coming days and months to many questions about the situation in Japan and the relevance to domestic nuclear facilities. The staff in the Operations Center has already been working on these types of questions and answers. It will be important to maintain effective communication and coordination between the work done in the Office, and the work done in the Operations Center.

In an effort to minimize disruption of Operations Center activities, NRR has designated Eric Thomas (eric.thomascnrc..qov) in NRR’s Operating Experience Branch to be the focused single point of contact for information requests that NRR staff may have for the Reactor Safety and Preventative Measures Teams in the Operations Center.

If you are assigned a task involving event questions and answers, please let Eric know so that he can coordinate with the Operations Center to ensure that we are providing consistent responses. If you are contacted directly by staff in the Operations Center, please respond to the request promptly, and provide electronic copy of your response to Eric so that he can maintain the response for future use by others.

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