March 24th, 2011 – Potential NRC Regulatory Response to Events in Japan – DO NOT REPLY ALL

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From:Cheok, Michael
Sent:Thursday, March 24,2011 6:04 PM
To:Lee, Samson
Cc:NRRDRA_AADB Distribution; NRRDRAAFPB Distribution; NRR_DRAAPLA Distribution; NRRDRAAPOB Distribution; NRR_DRA_DO Distribution
Subject:FW: Regulatory Response
Attachments: Regulatory path forward-3-23.docx

All – Please note that the attached is a very early and preliminary working copy of some potential regulatory response given the events in Japan (compiled by Barry Westreich and Tim Collins who were tasked by the LT to come up with such a list). Note the many DRA items in the attached – looks like we could be busy.

This e-mail is mostly a FYI at this point, but if you have comments or suggestions, please provide them to Sam or I (because of the large number of people on this distribution, please do not “reply all”). Comments could include additional items we should consider (e.g., maybe considering combination scenarios and multi-unit sites in external events PRAs), or items which you think may be over-reactions.

Note that the “Senior Level Task Force” mentioned below right now consists of Charlie Miller as lead, Jack Grobe, Gary Holahan, and Nathan Sanfilipo. I am guessing that others will be asked to support.


From: Westreich, Barry \kCV’-
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 9:07 AM
To: McGinty, Tim; Blount, Tom; Quay, Theodore; Galloway, Melanie; Holian, Brian; Lund, Louise; Nelson, Robert; Giitter, Joseph; Howe, Allen; Brown, Frederick; Cheok, Michael; Ruland, William; Bahadur, Sher; Lubinski, John; Hiland, Patrick; Skeen, David; Lee, Samuel; Thomas, Brian
Cc: Boger, Bruce; Grobe, Jack; Collins, Timothy; Leeds, Eric
Subject: Regulatory Response

Attached is a table of our preliminary thoughts related to the Regulatory Response following the events in Japan. I have been working with Tim Collins to identify potential areas that may need evaluation, current requirements or initiatives in the identified area, technical points of contact, and priority of the issues.

We plan to discuss this effort at the next LT meeting on March 29, 2011. As I indicated, this is a preliminary list and as a result, I would appreciate your review and insights into additional areas that should be included. I would also appreciate identification of POCs for the identified areas.

We plan to coordinate this effort with the newly establish Senior Level Task Force reviewing NRC processes.


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