March 26th, 2011 – NRC Japan Team Reactor Issues Alignment Plan

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From:Taylor, Robert
Sent:Saturday, March 26, 2011 9:41 PM
To:RST01 Hoc
Cc:Taylor, Robert; Scott, Michael; Blarney, Alan; Giessner, John; Nakanishi, Tony; Casto, Chuck; Dorman, Dan; Monninger, John
Subject:Attention Bill Ruland: Japan Rector Team Alignment Plan
Attachments:Japan Team Reactor Issues Alignment Plan.docx

As discussed, attached is our proposed alignment plan. We welcome feedback.



Japan Team Reactor Issues Alignment Plan

1. Identify Team Leads for Major Issues:

Spent Fuel Pools: Rob Taylor
Unit 1-Alan Blarney
Unit 2 – Tony Nakanishi
Unit 3 – Jack Giessner

Note: The delineation of lead responsibilities should not inhibit effective communication among team members to assess information on any of the site issues and develop effective recommendations with the support of the RST. Nor should the RST limit distribution of information to specific members of Japan team.

2. Product: Ensure the highest quality “RST Assessment Fukushima Daiichi Units” paper is provided to our Japanese counterparts.

3. How to accomplish product:

a. Japan team will focus on collecting best available information to feed to the RST.
b. Japan team will ensure close coordination with RST (GE/INPO, etc.)

i. Japan team proposes two daily phone calls going forward

1. 0700 JST- 30 minute alignment meeting

a. Goal: Feedback to Japan team on work done by RST and industry since previous day’s 1600 JST meeting.
b. Gain insights for 1100 JST NRC/NISA/TEPCO daily meeting

2. 1600 JST- 60 minute feedback meeting

a. Goal: Japan team input to RST and industry on information gathered during the day.
b. Alignment on priorities for RST and industry assessments going forward.
c. Japan team will provide feedback on RST assessment paper to ensure highest quality and clarity before providing it to our Japanese counterparts.
d. Japan team will provide feedback on where RST assessment paper needs to focus going forward based on new and evolving information.
e. Japan team will consolidate messages and information prior to 1100 JST NRC/NISA/TEPCO meeting.

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