March 31, 2011 – Hey Everyone! We Made the Onion!

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From: Janbergs, Holly
Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 2:50 PM
To: Akstulewicz, Brenda; Anderson, Brian; Brenner, Eliot; Burnell, Scott; Chandrathil, Prema; Couret, Ivonne; Cuadrado, Jose; Dricks, Victor; Ellmers, Glenn; Ghneim, Munira; Hannah, Roger; Harrington, Holly; Hayden, Elizabeth; Janbergs, Holly; Landau, Mindy; Ledford, Joey; McIntyre, David; Medina, Veronika; Mitlyng, Viktoria; Parks, Benjamin; Royer, Deanna; Screnci, Diane; Shannon, Valerie; Sheehan, Neil; Shoop, Undine; Taylor, Robert; Uselding,
Subject: We made the Onion,19740/

Beth Janbergs
Public Affairs Assistant

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