NISA Confirms Gas In Reactor 2 is Xenon-133 and Xenon-135 – “High potential for spontaneous fission”

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Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said, analysis, xenon has been confirmed and announced. Xenon was discovered by a short half-life, which had recently occurred in the fission reaction.  NISA’s Yoshinori Moriyama said that “localized criticality cannot be ruled out” and that there is also a high probability that Xenon is produced by spontaneous fission of substances such as plutonium.…11102004-6.pdf Document distributed by NISA during the 2 November 02:00 PM press conference. Borated water 10 tons (boric acid 480 kg) were injected from 2:48 AM to 3:47 AM.

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Professor Kazuhiko Kudo of Kyushu (nuclear engineering) is “forced to Minasazaru fission reaction that continued”

If you have been re-criticality occurs, may also affect the future of the reactor.

Fuel melted – fine particles fall, solidified cold become lumps, and you’re using water to see how much is actually “what’s going on the inside of the reactor minutes not ” what (TEPCO) [thinks is going on?].

The situation, said Prof. Kudo necessary to measure the amount of neutrons in the future.


What may have happened
(1) re-criticality occurs
(2) radioactive neutrons collide sporadically
(3) dividing the radioactive material itself “spontaneous fission” occurs


Xenon gas is only found for the containment of radioactive Unit 2 reactor at TEPCO’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, Nuclear Safety Agency, METI has two evening after analyzing the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, the gas xenon 133 announced that it has been confirmed and 135.

Moriyama good anti-nuclear disaster monitoring NISA is an extraordinary news conference about the cause of the xenon, a radioactive fission themselves “spontaneous fission” said the prospect of likely occurred. However, Moriyama monitoring measures “do not deny the possibility of locally critical” that you are.

Also, for the late prime minister’s report on the discovery of xenon, “because it is up to the possibility of a criticality event was to report immediately,” explained,

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