North Anna Asks for Exemption from CoC For 12 Fuel Assemblies Loaded In Dry Fuel Storage Over Decay Heat Limits

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The NRC staff is currently reviewing the exemption requests concerning NUHOMS HD-Dry Shielded Canisters being loaded to the incorrect heat load limits at the Surry and North Anna Power Station ISFSIs. The NRC staff has issued a request for supplemental information and Dominion, with the assistance of TN, has provided the ANSYS files used in the the rma l analysis of the exemption request.

The NRC staff requested this telephone conference to clarify the contents of the provided ANSYS files. Upon initial review of the ANSYS files, the NRC staff could not locate the input files to verify the boundary conditions. TN provided details on where the decay heat input s were located in the submittal and explanation on how the ambient temperature input was derived. The NRC staff understood TN’ s response and no additional information was needed at this time.

By letter dated July 21, 2011, as supplemented September 28, 2011, Virginia Electric and Power Company (Dominion) requested exemptions from the requirements of 10 CFR 72.212(b)(3) and (b)(11). 10 CFR 72.212(b)(3) and (b)(11) requires a general licensee (under 10 CFR Part 72, Subpart K) to comply with the terms and conditions of the approved Certificate of Compliance (CoC) for the dry cask storage system used at the site.

The exemptions were requested for NUHOMS ® HD Dry Shielded Canisters (DSC), Model No. HD-32PTH, with serial numbers DOM-32PTH-004-C, -005-C, -007-C, -010-C, -013-C, -019-C and GBC-32PTH-011-C due to non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the Transnuclear, Inc., CoC 1030, Amendment No. 0.


At the time of loading, the decay heat limit was exceeded for twelve fuel assemblies.

The twelve fuel assemblies are distributed over the seven identified DSCs.


NRC staff performed an acceptance review of your request to determine if it contains sufficient information to allow the staff to complete the detailed review. This letter acknowledges acceptance of your request. The request appears to contain the information needed for our review. We have established a schedule for the review. The schedule allows for staff to issue a Request for Additional Information (RAI) in late November 2011 and the exemption by early March 2012, based on the applicant responding to RAIs in late December 2011. If no RAI is needed, and based on the staff’s evaluation, the exemption may be issued at approximately that time. In general, no additional changes to the request should be submitted except for changes resulting from your response to an RAI.

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