RETS/REMP – NRC’s Program for Keeping Nuclear Power Plant Offsite Doses (ALARA)

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Annual H-3 releases have increased since 1996 due to power up-rate

Public dose limits (Subpart D)
•100 mrem/year total effective dose equivalent per reactor (1 mSv/yr)
•A total of 25 mrem/yr whole body, 75 mrem/yr thyroid, and 25 mrem/yr to critical organ from all fuel cycle facilities within 50 mile radius (EPA, 40 CFR 190)

Three most useful references for each reactor location:
1.Annual Radioactive Effluent Release Report
–Various plant-specific titles
–Recent effluent release and dose data on web
2.Annual Radiological Environmental Operating /Monitoring Report
–Various plant-specific titles
–More recent reports on-line
3.Offsite Dose Calculation Manual (ODCM)
–Details of monitoring methods and dose calculations

Dose from gaseous effluent
–Total body dose
•Only from submersion in a noble gas cloud at the site boundary
•Assume ground level release
–Organ dose
•Exposure from iodine and particulate radionuclides
•Individual lives at the maximum off-site location
•Exposure pathways include inhalation, ground plane, cow meat and garden vegetable ingestion
•Assume ground level releases
•Child maximum exposure age

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