TEPCO Tsunami Assessment for Nuclear Power Plants in Japan

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“Tsunami Assessment Method for Nuclear Power Plants in Japan (2002)”

published by
Tsunami Evaluation Subcommittee,
Nuclear Civil Engineering Committee,
JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineers)

English version

Feb. 28th NPS Correspondence (1/2)
A manual containing emergency and restoration protocol in the event of a major disaster has been created.

In the event that the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) issues a “Tsunami Warning” for the coastline near the NPS, the following measures are to be executed:
1. The Central Control Room Operators are to maintain vigilance in monitoring plant operations.
2. The Site Superintendent is to contact employees who are on standby in a separate office room or at home.
3. If necessary, an emergency headquarter is to be set up.

Feb. 28th NPS Correspondence (2/2)

Both Fukushima Daiichi NPS and Fukushima Daini NPS executed the below measures in response to a “Tsunami warning” issued by JMA on Feb.28.
Discontinued the work and inspection of the area facing the ocean.
Measured the sea level utilizing a tide gauge and via several installed TV cameras monitored the ocean conditions.
(Contacted employees to ready them for the execution of emergency disaster measures.

We assessed and confirmed the safety of the nuclear power plants based on the JSCE method which was published in 2002.

On Feb. 28, in response to the “Tsunami warning” issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency, appropriate measures in accordance with “Accident Operating Procedures (AOP)” were executed.

Daily operations were NOT impacted.

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