The lack of nuclear efficiency – Unable to affect share of global electricity or greenhouse gases

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Snapshot of Nuclear Power Today

• about 14% of global electricity use and about 7 to 8% of total global energy use

•30 countries + Taiwan with about 440 commercial reactors (≈ 370 GW)

•11 countries enriching uranium

•5 countries with commercial spent fuel reprocessing facilities

•0 countries with geologic repositories for nuclear waste

Is nuclear really a viable option?  

Not at the costs of construction, decomissioning, decontamination, and potential risk to human life.

U.S. Nuclear Plants with Design Concerns

  • 23 U.S. Reactors with BWR Mark I type design
  • Concerns raised as early as 1972 about the BWR Mark I
  • Recommendations from late 1970s and early 1980s to install filters on vent system
  • 6 other reactors with ice condenser emergency cooling system
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission conducted 90 day review of all plants


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