Actual cost of nuclear power is beyond our wildest dreams

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How we could have been so awestruck by the vision of cheap energy that we blinded ourselves to the waste disposal hazards?

Caretaking our nuclear waste stockpile will provide jobs for both unskilled labourers and highly skilled scientists for almost a century, given that we need mechanisms for short-term storage and then a second (or even third) mechanism when long-term storage can occur.

The actual cost of nuclear power is beyond our wildest dreams. No nuclear power plant has yet been successfully decommissioned.

The mistakes made in decommissioning the small Hanford plant in the state of Washington over the last 40 years – and the fact that they have not yet completed the project – makes this project unimaginably expensive.

Dale Dewar, Ottawa Executive Director, Physicians for Global Survival (Canada)

Source: Ottawa Citizen

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