Analyst – Nuclear Power attractive to owners – Does not lower energy costs

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Nuclear power plants can be attractive for their owners but not necessarily for consumers as they hardly ever determine the price of electricity on the energy exchange, says Alois Tost, an independent energy consultant. Tost, a German consultant who advises energy firms in the Czech Republic, said the debate about the costs of the nuclear phase-out in Germany had been misled.

Nuclear Power not best consumer option“The price of electricity is formed at the energy exchange and it is always determined by the most expensive power plant which is necessary to meet demand. […] And usually it is the gas power plant which is the most expensive and determines the price of electricity. The nuclear power plants hardly ever decide about price,” said Tost .
As a result, “every power plant gets paid the price which is necessary to pay for the most expensive one, the so-called marginal power plant. Therefore operating a nuclear power plant is highly attractive for its owner.””


This is a question of who gains and who pays. When somebody says that the nuclear power plant is cheap, it is for the owner but not necessarily for the consumer.


Nuclear Power does not reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

A nuclear power plant does not reduce the carbon dioxide emissions either. Nuclear plants simply do not buy any carbon dioxide certificates and in fact the use of the nuclear power lowers the price of the certificates. I have never heard about this aspect in the Czech public discussion.

In Germany this aspect was publicly discussed already before Fukushima when the government supported the expansion of the nuclear power plants lifetime and was explaining that it will decrease the carbon dioxide emission – but this was not true.


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