AREVA to suspend extensions at 4 French nuclear sites – Halt work at Idaho enrichment plant

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One of the world’s leading nuclear power developers, Areva, has today confirmed a major reorganisation that will see a series of projects suspended in the wake of significant financial losses.

The news today confirmed that Areva will suspend planned “capacity extensions” at four nuclear sites in France, halt work to extend its Eagle Rock enrichment plant near Idaho Falls in the US, and scale back planned investment at uranium mines in the Central African Republic, Namibia and South Africa.


The move could represent a blow to the UK‘s plans for a new fleet of nuclear reactors, given that Areva was one of the main firms expected to support new projects.

Louise Hutchins, energy campaigner at Greenpeace, urged the UK to reconsider its plans to accelerate the rollout of new reactors, arguing that there are no guarantees that projects can be built on time and on budget.

“Areva is the only company still in the running to design the next generation of reactors in Britain, but it has proven itself spectacularly incompetent and incapable of building its own reactor on time or to budget in Finland,” she said, referring to the company’s work on the controversial Olikiluoto power plant, which has been dogged by delays and technical difficulties.

“Now is not the time for the UK government to expose British households to the billions in overspend and years of delays that come with nuclear power. Instead, Britain should be moving to a vibrant and profitable clean energy sector that would provide far more jobs and economic growth as well as safe, reliable energy.”

Source: Business Green

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