Average burnup of damaged fuels loaded in Fukushima Reactors – 134Cs/137Cs

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  1. 134Cs/137Cs ratio method
  2. Numerical analysis
  3. Analysis of actually measured 134Cs/137Cs ratio
  4. contaminated soils within the range of 100km from the 1F NPPs
  5. Discussion

Overview of 1F NPPs accident
  1. Station blackout accompanied with loss of cooling capability and loss of ultimate heat sink due to excessive tsunami (~15m) caused by M9.0 earthquake at 14:46 Mar. 11th, 2011
  2. Severe core damage in units 1-3, confinement capabilities (RPV, CV) are partially damaged
  3. Release of radioactive nuclides to environment
  4. Atmosphere  : 131I=130~160 [PBq],  137Cs=11~15 [PBq]
  5. Ocean  : 131I=11 [PBq],  137Cs=4 [PBq]

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