Bruce Power Drops Nuclear Power Plant Scheme in Alberta

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Ontario-based Bruce Power has pulled out of the project it’s been pushing since 2007.    The company had been working on setting up a new nuclear power plant in the Peace Country, in northwestern Alberta, amidst some opposition.

In a press release issued Monday, no reason was given for the decision, with Duncan Hawthorne, Bruce Power president and CEO, stating “we’ve decided the new nuclear option in Alberta is not something our company will be progressing further.”

“Innovative businesses develop and consider new opportunities, but we’ve made a business decision to continue to put our full focus on the safe, reliable operations and ambitious investment program on our (Ontario) Bruce site,” Hawthorne said.

Hawthorne said it is still a strong option for the future.

“There is no question, the option for a new nuclear facility in Peace Country and in Alberta is a strong one and will be an important consideration moving forward,” he said.

Bruce Power has been back-and-forth trying to get a foothold for nuclear reactors in either Alberta or in Saskatchewan.   Whether it is the tax-payers of Alberta or the tax-payers of Saskatchewan who get to foot the bill for the very expensive high-power transmission lines (not to mention high-cost electricity from reactors that must also cover the cost of radioactive waste disposal)  is a toss-up.

Bruce Power Limited Partnership is a Canadian business partnership composed of several corporations. It exists as a partnership between Cameco Corporation (31.6%), TransCanada Corporation (31.6%),BPC Generation Infrastructure Trust (31.6%), the Power Workers Union (4%) and The Society of Energy Professionals (1.2%).

Source: Edmonton Sun


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