DOE Health, Safety and Security Support to Fukushima Incident

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HSS Support to FukushimaIncident

Office of Health, Safety and Security
U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Environmental Policy &

Carlos Corredor


•Fukushima Federal Response Group
•References and Tools
•Cultivating Rice after the Accident (Apr 2011)
•Dose from Seafood Consumption (Apr 2011)
•Train Ride on Tohoku Shinkansen(May 2011)

Combined Effort

Fukushima Federal Response Group

•Federal Response Group ( FRG) created at request of the White House

NRC: Lead

•NNSA lead for DOE response.
•HSS requested to support effort by NNSA

Preliminary Report on Operational Guidelines (known also as OGT) available for use and comment: February 2009

Supports Implementation of DHS Planning Guidance released in 2008

Provides methodology, Operational Guidelines(OG), and some end-user guidance

RESRAD-RDD software available for use and comment

Companion assistance tool for implementing OG.

Allows for calculation of incident-specific OG.

Products are available through the OGT Web Site

OGT document at

Or link from RESRAD Web site:

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