ESBWR Design, Technology and Program Plan Overview

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ESBWR Design, Technology and Program Plan Overview

A.S. Rao
NRC Staff –GE Meeting
June 20 and 21, 2002
Rockville, Maryland

Purpose of Meeting

Provide ESBWR background information to NRC staff
–Issues to be resolved during pre-application review
-Adequacy of testing, analysis methodology approval, SSAR details
–Reference design
–Testing and technology basis
–Analysis methodology, qualification and application approach
Information on submittals to be made in August/Sept 2002

Obtain NRC feedback

–Overall approach
–Identification of additional information needed by NRC for completing pre-application review
–Schedule and steps for reaching agreement on pre-application review scope, schedule and cost and overall plan

Agenda for ESBWR Meetings June 20/21, 2002

Introduction and overview
–Pre-application plan

Design description
–Passive safety systems

Plant performance

Technology basis
–Testing and analysis program
–Testing program overview
–Scaling–Methodology, qualification and application

Summary and Conclusion

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