Fukushima researchers to use wild monkeys to perform fallout monitoring

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Fukushima University researchers plan to measure forest radiation levels in Fukushima Prefecture by placing special monitoring collars on wild monkeys, in light of the nuclear crisis.

Researchers from Fukushima University have designed special collars for the monkeys which will feed  information to scientists.

This will enable the research team, led by robotics professor Takayuki Takahashi, to recover them and collect data one to two months after releasing the monkeys back into the wild.

Radiation in forests is currently monitored mainly from the air, for example by helicopter, but the researchers believe they can get more detailed data through wild monkeys and aim to implement the project in an area of the city of Minamisoma by spring.

In Minamisoma, 14 groups of monkeys are known to live in a mountainous area in the western part of the city, where radiation is relatively high. This will allow the team to break down the data by territory, they said.

Source: RT

Source: Japan Times

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