JAEA Activities towards Environmental Restoration of Fukushima Japan

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JAEA Activities towards Environmental Restoration of FUKUSHIMA

Kazuo Todani

October 16, 2011

Headquarters of Fukushima
Partnership Operations

(1) Assessment of radiological contamination situation
• Support to government’s mapping and monitoring
• Detailed investigation with Autonomous Unmanned Helicopter and Plastic Scintillation Fibers
JAEA activities for environment restoration
(2) Development of decontamination measures for public facilities such as schools and parks
(3) Demonstration of decontamination measures for residential areas
• Areas including “specific spots recommended for evacuation” (2 sites)
→Areas including “deliberate evacuation area” & “restricted area” (12 sites)
• Monitoring → Planning based on Simulation → Decontamination
→ Monitoring
(4) Communication activities to provide reliable information on environment contamination to Fukushima citizens

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