March 14th, 2011 – We need more KI – Use federal and industry counterparts to accomplish work

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From: Casto, Chuck
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 9:21 PM
To: Monninger, John; Nakanishi, Tony; Kolb, Timothy; Foster, Jack; Cook, William; Devercelly,
Richard; Ulses, Anthony; Trapp, James; Smith, Brooke; Foggie, Kirk
Cc: Virgilio, Martin; Borchardt, Bill; LIA10 Hoc
Subject: Travel and thoughts

Folks, i don’t know if and when you might get this email, but here’s some thoughts for our work.

Let me know if you need anything. The Chairman and EDO are fully supporting our needs and they clearly expressed that to me.

We are to support the Ambassador in all ways possible.

My flight may be the last to arrive. Seemingly the logistics from Atlanta are difficult. I am on a flight to Dallas now.

Let’s think about organization of the team. It seems to me that we need a reactor safety team, protective measures, recovery/severe accident, and liaison team.

First we need briefings by Jim and Tony. Then a briefing by the host. Plus we need an operations center or place to work from. I believe that we have some KI but might need more.

Please think about who is on what group, I.e. Team. Then we probably need to reach back to resources in the US. For instance we may want to set up a bridge with general electric, INPO, and other technical groups.

For the protective measures team let’s think about reaching back to DOE/FERMAC for advice.

You get my point. While I don’t know the organizational situation over there, absent any other arrangement, let’s form teams like we would in the US, and reach back to our counterparts, both federal and industry to accomplish our work. I would suggest using the Hoo Liaison team for coordination.

We need to leverage all assets for maximum effect.

John I would suggest that you work with Brooke and Kirk.

Those are merely initial thoughts and suggestions. I know it will likely change immediately upon arrival.

I am anxious to get there and work with this break group and our counterparts back home.

See you soon.

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