March 18th, 2011 – Fukushima Daiichi Data – Reactor 4 Pool and Reactor Core Data

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From:Gauld, Ian C. [[email protected]]
Sent:Friday, March 18, 2011 2:38 PM
To:Lee, Richard
Cc:Parks, Cecil V.
Subject:RE: Fukushima data
Attachments:F4-pool-105d.txt; F4-pool-500d.txt; F4-reactor.txt

Here are the is Fukushima unit 4 pool data. Two source files: one for the hottest fuel with 105 day cooling, the other for 500 day fuel. These data are normalized to a metric ton of uranium. This will make it easier to convert to gramsNV etc if needed, since operating power was 25 MW/t. If an assembly basis, or total inventory basis are preferred, this can be quickly changed. The metric tons of 105 day fuel in the pool is 94 t (548 assemblies = full core), and 113 t of longer cooled fuel (657 assemblies).

Also, please replace the reactor core data (file F4-reactor.txt) with the attached file. Some of the longer cooling time step were not correct.


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