Nine Mile Point Unit 2 Shut Down Due To 2nd Leak Found In Drywell

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SCRIBA — Operators at Constellation Energy Nuclear Group’s (CENG) Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station Unit 2, in Scriba, have shut down the facility after the discovery of increased water leakage inside the facility’s drywell.

It is the second leak discovered inside the drywell of Nine Mile 2 this year. In August, operators at the facility declared an “unusual event” at the facility, which is the lowest level on the scale of nuclear power plant emergency classifications, and shut down the plant due to that leak.

A few days after that shutdown it was determined that the leakage was coming from packing on a discharge isolation valve located on a reactor coolant pump. Repairs were made, and the plant was put back online.


In early May 2011, the operator of the plant reported that its fuel supplier, General Electric, notified it that mathematical errors were made which could resulted in reactor fuel’s getting hotter than operator thought.


“The water is contained in the drywell,” said CENG spokeswoman Jill Lyon. “It hasn’t gone anywhere outside of the drywell, which is, by design, a part of the drywell’s function — to be the primary containment system.

“The plant is in a stable condition and we don’t anticipate that this would be a cause for concern to the public at all,” she added.

She added that the leak discovered Friday could again involve a valve or piping inside the drywell, but would not speculate beyond that.

“Operating any industrial facility — having valves and water leaks, things like that — it happens,” Lyon said.


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