Questions rise about Utah’s nuclear waste depository

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Utah state regulators think it will take EnergySolutions a year to research, write and file a report on whether the company’s nuclear waste depository in Tooele County can safely handle a proposed influx of so-called blended waste from its processing plant in Tennessee.

Yet they aren’t waiting one day to allow the landfill to start receiving as much as 40,000 cubic feet of the stuff.

EnergySolutions has been given the go-ahead to start receiving some of the material now. Even though it sounds like a small amount — 40,000 cubic feet compared to the 6.7 million cubic feet of low-level waste placed there last year — it could well prove to be 39,999 cubic feet too much. And, nuclear waste watchdog organizations argue, may be about all the blended waste there is to be had.

Under this arrangement, the state would find itself at a legal and practical disadvantage should it later decide that the flow should stop or that the waste should be removed.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

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