Radioactive water leak at Genkai Reactor

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Kyushu Electric Power Co. said Saturday that 1.8 tons of coolant water containing radioactive materials had leaked within a purification system at an idled reactor at its Genkai nuclear power plant in Saga Prefecture.

The water leaked from a joining area of the pumps, with no radioactive materials leaking outside the reactor building, and has been completely recovered, the utility said, adding that the intensity of radioactive matter contained is unknown.

The utility failed to report the leak to the local governments when it detected it Friday morning, only notifying them of trouble with pumps in the system for the No. 3 reactor, which has been suspended for regular checkups, prompting the Genkai mayor to complain.

But Genkai Mayor Hideo Kishimoto said, “It should have reported properly (to the Genkai town and Saga prefectural governments). I have been repeatedly telling it to change its corporate culture.”

In October it was revealed that Kyushu electric was working an e-mail scam to manipulate public opinion about the dangerous MOX fuel they wanted to use in the Genkai Nuclear Power Plant.

After a meeting on November 29th, experts announced that the pressure vessel was deteriorating faster than generally assumed at Genkai,  and that the reactor should be decommissioned, NISA made the decision to establish the subcommittee to weigh the decision.

After falling to a record low 18.5 percent in October, the utilization ratio turned upward in November as Kyushu Electric Power Co. restarted the No. 4 reactor at the Genkai power plant in Saga Prefecture, which had been suspended in October due to a malfunction.

Source: Mainichi

Source: Mainichi

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