40 Workers Begin Endoscopy Preparations At Fukushima Reactor 2

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On Tuesday, 10 groups of 4 workers each entered the first floor of the No.2 reactor building from the northwestern side. The workers drilled a hole in the containment vessel to insert an endoscope. An industrial endoscope that can withstand high levels of radiation will be used.

The utility says the workers were exposed to up to 3 millisieverts of radiation. The company says the workers had rehearsed the job at the No. 5 reactor, the same type as the No.2, in order to minimize their exposure.

TEPCO says Tuesday’s operation went smoothly and it will insert the endoscope on Thursday as scheduled. It hopes to gain the first internal view of one of the damaged reactors since the accident.

Tokyo Electric (9501.T) uses Cannon Endoscopy technology to peer into its crippled nuclear reactors at Fukushima.

Source: Reuters

Source: NHK

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