Edano admits even if all Japan nuclear reactors offline summer power curb unlikely

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The Japanese Government has been putting pressure on the citizens to restart their nuclear reactors.  In 2011 the government had released a report saying that the 2012 electrical supply would not be enough to meet demand, however not everyone was convinced.  This month it was determined that the Japanese governments report had been highly tainted and drastically underestimated the power generation from renewable energy sources.

This week the Japanese trade minister Edano admitted that even with all the nations nuclear reactors offline, that Japan’s electrical supply would be adequate.

Curbs on power use may not be necessary next summer even if the nation’s reactors are all offline, trade minister Yukio Edano said Friday.   Edano said.  “there is a good chance that we can get through without issuing a restriction on electricity usage.”

Source: Japan Times

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