March 16th, 2011 – Situation getting worse and NRC response continuing to increase

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From: Broaddus, Doug
Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 1:26 PM
To: Blechman, Paula; Clayton, Beverly; Gratton, Christopher; Lingam, Siva; Mozafari, Brenda; Orf,
Tracy; Paige, Jason; Saba, Farideh; Sola, Clara; Thorpe, April
Subject: FW: Developments in Japan
Importance: High

Joe Glitter briefed the DORL management team on the current situation in Japan, and how it is/will impact our activities. The situation is getting worse, and the NRC  response is continuing to increase. Below is a summary of the meeting prepared by John Boska. I will discuss further during our branch meeting tomorrow.

In the meantime, please let me know ASAP if you are working on any actions in the following areas:

1. Containment design issues (e.g., containment peak pressure, primary/secondary ventilation and filtration, cooling, and leak rate testing).
2. Containment combustible gas control.
3. AC/DC power (e.g., emergency diesel generators, Station Blackout (SBO) and batteries)
4. Seismic issues
5. Flooding (tsunami, seiche, and river system)
6 Emergency core cooling systems
7. Ultimate heat sink
8 Fuel design (e.g., structural capacity and seismic design)
9 Spent fuel pool design (cooling, criticality, rack strength. and structural capacity)
10. Peak cladding temperature limits
11. Emergency planning

Please also indicate when the action is expected to be completed.

As indicated in the summary below, Harold Chernoff is developing a list of actions that may be considered sensitive given the events in Japan. Once we have the list, a determination will be made what action to take on the actions. At this time, we should continue to work on the actions until we hear otherwise The one exception is that we may hold issuance of actions that are ready to be issued now.

As indicated in the summary, let me know if you are interested in assisting with the ops center activities.

Also, Allen will be working on a Commission briefing to be held next week concerning the Japan event, our response, and path forward. He may need assistance on that effort, if anyone is interested.

I will update you when I get any additional information.

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