NRC likely never postulated H2 explosions size & destructive force at Fukushima

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From: Salley, MarkHenry
Sent: Monday, March 28, 2011 6:29 PM
To: Coe, Doug
Cc: Correia, Richard
Subject: Additional RES areas post Fukushirna Dai ichi

Per your request from this morning’s meeting, Re: Brian’s request for Additional Areas of Research post-Fukushima Dai ichi; four jump to mind:

1. Look at Emergency H2 venting. Prior to this event, I do not believe any of us would have postulated the size & destructive force of the H2 explosions inside the structure.

2. Look at emergency make-up to the Spent Fuel Pool (SPF). There may be some very economical ways to have a pre-piped standpipe for emergency re-filling.

3. Look at emergency core cooling and postulated alternatives given all ECCS systems are unavailable.

4. Look at emergency response given the larger area wide catastrophe and what can be expected.


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