Reactor 2 Endoscopy Failed Due To Radiation and Steam – Cold Shutdown Conditions

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The operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has failed in an attempt to get clear images from inside damaged reactors using fiber-optic lines.

Photos taken by a camera attached to the endoscope show parts of walls and pipes inside the containment vessel. But the images were blurred, probably due to radiation and vapor from contaminated water, leaving details, including the surface of the contaminated water, unclear.

It’s the first time that TEPCO has examined the inside of the damaged reactors since the disaster. The company says it must understand the state of the reactors before it can complete its shutdown of the plant.

TEPCO had been estimated that approximately 4.5 meters of water accumulated on the bottom of the container depth, water was not found at the OP 9500 is the level of the floor.  Pipes and other surface damage like peeling paint is clearly visible, and to be expected.

The melted nuclear fuel from the reactor pressure vessel is not visible.

Source: Mainichi

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