The Atomic Age Symposium II on May 5 at U Chicago

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Save the date! Atomic Age II will be held at the University of Chicago on Saturday, May 5.

Principal speakers will include

  • Professor Hiroaki Koide of the Kyoto University Reactor Research Institute,
  • Ms. Ruiko Muto, an anti-nuclear activist based in Fukushima and a member of a citizens’ group,
  • Hairo Action Fukushima, along with Professor Robert Rosner, Astronomy & Astrophysics & Physics, University of Chicago (former Director of the Argonne National Laboratory),
  • and Dr. Jeffrey Patterson of Physicians for Social Responsibility, as respondents. Further details will be announced on this site.

Professor Koide has used his expertise to point out the dangers of nuclear power for forty-one years. For more information on him please see


Check out the Atomic Age website here.

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