60 year old man’s death at Fukushima due to overwork during overnight shift

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Japanese labor officials have granted compensation to the family of a man who worked for a construction company subcontracted to Toshiba. 60-year-old plumber Nobukatsu Oosumi from Shizuoka Prefecture was sent to the Fukushima plant in May to do piping work in a nuclear waste processing facility.

Oosumi had worked one shift at Fukushima, an overnight shift while reportedly wearing protective mask and suit, but after his shift he died of a heart attack a day after he began work, after saying he felt ill.

Tokyo Electric, or TEPCO, the operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says it is considering deploy the remotely controlled underwater robots to probe and repair the damaged reactor containment vessels as it is flooded with contaminated water. .  In a Tokyo meeting, another proposal was also made to use a 10-meter-long rod with a camera on the tip to examine the interior of the  containment vessels.

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