Czech Republic to move away from nuclear energy goals – 18 proposed builds cancelled

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Czech nuclear expansion should be much more moderate than originally thought, including only an enlargement of one of the two existing nuclear plants and extending the life of the other, recently installed Czech Minister for Industry and Trade Martin Kuba said last Wednesday.

Kuba said in an interview carried in Wednesday’s edition of the business dailyHospodářské noviny (HN) that proposals under predecessor Martin Kocourek (ODS) for up to 18 new nuclear reactors sited across the country by 2060 were unrealistic.

“To produce in the Czech Republic up to 80 percent of electricity from nuclear is not realistic from an economic perspective. We would not even know where to put the new plants,” Kuba told the paper. He added that a more realistic plan would be to construct just the two planned extra new reactors at the Temelín site in southern Bohemia and extend the lifetime of the existing Dukovany nuclear reactor until 2035.

Source: Bloomberg

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