I-131 and Cs levels Up to 54,100 Bq/kg in open field produce 100 km from Fukushima

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Approx distance from Fukushima to Hitachi City


See the full collection of secretly transmitted documents here – 

United States was well aware of high radiation and contamination from Fukushima – Official Docs



By March 20th, over 100 km away from Fukushima Daiichi was contaminated and the initial recorded levels of Iodine 131 up to 54,100 Bq/kg in open-field produce


Press release, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan March 20, 2011
Results of Radioactivity Measurements of Foods (Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident)

Measurements of radioactivity in foods were performed by the prefectural authorities. The results of the measurements are as attached.

lwaki March 19,2011 Milk 980 I-131 (Bq/kg)

Date-gun. Kunimi-cho March 19,2011 Milk 1400 I-131 (Bq/kg)

Souma-gun, Shinchi-cho March 19,2011 Milk 370 I-131 (Bq/kg)

Souma-gun, litate-cho March 19,2011 Milk (unprocessed) 5200 I-131 (Bq/kg) 210 Cs-134 (Bq/kg) 210 Cs-137 (Bq/kg)

Ibaraki Prefecture’s press release (as of 11:00, March 20)
March 20, Analyzed by Japan Food Research Laboratories (Sampled March 18)

Kitaibaraki Spinach (open field) 24,000 I-131 (Bq/kg) 690 Cs-134/-137 (Bq/kg)
Takahagi Spinach (house) 11,000 I-131 (Bq/kg) 586 Cs-134/-137 (Bq/kg)
Hokota Spinach (house) 1,900 I-131 (Bq/kg)

Results of Measurement by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
March 20, Analyzed by National Institute of Agro-Environmental Science (Sampled March 18):Hitachi – Hokota
March 20, Analyzed by Japan Food Research Laboratories (Sampled March 18): Moriya – Sakaimachi

Hitachi City Spinach (Open field) 

54,100 I-131 (Bq/kg) 1,931 Cs-134/-137 (Bq/kg)
25,200 I-131 (Bq/kg) 1,105 Cs-134/-137 (Bq/kg)
Hitachi Omiya Spinach (Open field) 

19,200 I-131 (Bq/kg) 1,040 Cs-134/-137 (Bq/kg)
17,800 I-131 (Bq/kg) 908 Cs-134/-137 (Bq/kg)
Naka Spinach (Open field)

 16,100 I-131 (Bq/kg) 911 Cs-134/-137 (Bq/kg)
13,500 I-131 (Bq/kg) 966 Cs-134/-137 (Bq/kg)
Hokota Spinach (Open field)

16,100 I-131 (Bq/kg) 911 Cs-134/-137 (Bq/kg)

Spinach (B) 7,710 I-131 (Bq/kg) 407 Cs-134/-137 (Bq/kg)
Moriya Spinach (Open field)

2,100 I-131 (Bq/kg)
Koga Spinach (Open field)

4200 I-131 (Bq/kg)

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